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Alias Vint Hill

About Project
Step into an enchanting realm where culinary mastery intertwines with the ambiance of warmth and Vint Hill's unique history. We worked closely with the owners to provide a culinary theater, where the open kitchen is the stage, and every detail speaks of bespoke craftsmanship and refined elegance. A fast-tracked project, we worked with a local custom millwork designer to create a lounge setting, where guests feel like they are a part of the local history as they enjoy a sensory experience.
Alias Vint Hill WP1 edit.png
Image by Scott Suchman of The Washington Post for review by Tom Sietsema.
The centerpiece of the restaurant is undoubtedly the open kitchen where the chef orchestrates a symphony of flavors with precision and flair. Guests are invited to witness the culinary spectacle firsthand against a backdrop of exposed brick and a curated environment.
Alias is a fine dining restaurant located in Warrenton, VA that was completed in 2023 in collaboration with Megan Capo of Edit Lab @ Streetsense.