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Bethesda Condo

About Project
The goal when furnishing this newly built condominium was to create a gallery for the owner's existing art and sculpture collection. We worked to create the perfect backdrop of style and comfort, where every element harmonizes seamlessly. The sleek lines of the seating furniture let the artwork shine, and the glass console provide the perfect pedestal for the owner's treasured vases and sculptures. The use of sculptural lighting, including a custom dining pendant, ties the ensemble together. Each piece finds its place, adding depth and dimension to the space while reflecting the individuality and refined taste of its inhabitants.
View of the living room styled with pieces of the owner's art collection.
The condominium is a testament to the power of curated beauty, where each carefully chosen piece speaks volumes, transforming the space into a sanctuary of refined living.
The Bethesda project is a residential furnishings design completed in 2019 as part of the Contemporaria team.